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Exploring the Cape Winelands: Winewise Wine Scholarship

Winewise Scholarship programThe annual Winewise Wine Scholarship week is a remarkable opportunity for 10x FOH staff members from various different lodges to embark on a journey through the Cape Winelands.

Sponsored by Winewise, the scholarship offers participants a chance to immerse themselves in the world of wine - from walking through the vineyards, tasting in the cellars to watching wine being made.

The Winewise Scholarship provides an exclusive opportunity for participants to visit a variety of well-known wineries, from established estates to boutique vineyards, each visit offers a unique insight into the winemaking process and the artistry behind crafting their exceptional wines. With expert guides and passionate winemakers, participants gain a comprehensive understanding of the region's diverse grape varieties, terroir, and winemaking techniques.

Winewise Scholarship programDuring the scholarship trip, participants engage in immersive workshops and educational sessions that enhance their wine knowledge and appreciation. They learn about the intricacies of wine production, viticulture, and the art of wine pairing. These hands-on experiences not only deepen their appreciation for wine but also equip them with invaluable skills that can be applied in their professional lives. They also attend a Wine Service lesson given by a top qualified sommelier.

Beyond wine, the Scholarship also offers participants the opportunity to explore Cape Town and Stellenbosch and engage with the warm and welcoming locals. We visit a beach to dip toes into the icy Atlantic and, weather permitting, experience the aerial cableway ride to the top of Table Mountain, and a visit to the V&A Waterfront.

The Winewise Wine Scholarship is an investment in personal and professional growth.

Participants return with a deeper understanding of wine, enhanced skills, and a renewed passion. This newfound knowledge and enthusiasm not only enriches their own lives but also enhances the overall guest experience, creating a ripple effect that extends far beyond their journey to the Cape Winelands.

Winewise Scholarship program Winewise Scholarship program

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