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What we do

Winewise launched in January 2003 and has been responsible for providing outstanding service since.

Winewise provides an independent knowledgeable, professional and efficient wine consulting & logistics service to top-end safari lodges.

Our limited portfolio of top-end luxury safari lodges particularly value our friendly expertise and efficient service.

They like our jobs – regular travels in the Cape winelands, sampling an abundance of delicious wines, and we rather envy their lives in the incomparable African bush.

How we go about it

Creating vibrant, interesting & appealing wine lists.
Sourcing and supplying wines: single invoice & delivery.
Staff training & plenty of advice

The most significant task is the seemingly endless tasting - many bottles are opened in our quest to find wines which we are happy to include on our clients’ wine menus. We attend tastings of new releases and vertical tastings of older wines throughout the year.
Like any other business, service delivery & personal relationships are crucial components of Winewise. However our success fundamentally relies on the wines we select and we take this very seriously.

Although we tend to favour wineries that manage time and again to hit the quality:value sweet-spot (and for this reason use tend to use their wines vintage after vintage) we are independent, so are open to recommending any of the 7,000+ wines produced in the Cape – if they prove worthy.
Let the experts at Winewise help you build your extraordinary wine list
Our experts help you select and store wines for a cellar that reflects your taste - Winewise
Winewise scholarship program for the South African hospitality industry
Our experts guide you through the world of fine wines - Winewise
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